Sirweah (pronounced Sir-way) is a Singer/Songwriter and record producer from New Jersey. His music is a result of experimenting, primarily, with Pop and Hip Hop music which he often tags as "Hip Pop". Although he dabbles in such genres, the Liberian native, considers himself to be less of the ordinary rapper or singer that's confined to one style, but rather an artist that uses inspiration from all avenues to paint a bigger picture that is his music.

"For me, it's never been about proving myself the best rapper or vocalist; there's always going to be someone who has me beat at that," says the humble artist who also admits to not being very devoted to Hip Hop at a young age. "If I could, however, give the best feeling to a listener with just one song, then I feel like I've succeeded. That's what my music has always been about; making people feel, and giving them hope from those emotions". This mindset is what sets him on a different path - a sonically and conceptually liberating one.