Ivy Sky is a small-town, mountain girl from the Vail Valley of Colorado. Growing up in the middle of her two brothers, she found comfort in her mother’s frequent hums of Janis Joplin, Amy Winehouse, and Bonnie Rait. These hums eventually inspired her to try to fill the large shoes of those legends. With a soft voice at times, and a strong, raspy voice at others, Ivy has the sound of a Colbie Caillat-meets-Janis Joplin. She is inspired by music that can put her in the shoes of the artists, for just a few good minutes, and feel the raw emotion of the singer. She finds inspiration for her lyrics in the experiences she goes through and tries to capture that emotion in a song: like taking a Polaroid of a feeling.

“I’m a sixties soul living in the twenty first century. I believe in love and passion and vibes and the universe. I am young and have stories to tell, but instead, I’ll sing to you the emotions I’ve experienced in hopes of giving my two-cents to whoever can relate. I’ve turned to music all my life and aspire to be an artist people can turn to.”

Her love to share her stories, passion that she grew up with for music, and her natural beauty make her a the talent that will make her a household name.  Connect with her social media and stay tuned for her upcoming music.