Above Average Hip Hop Talks LEGEND and Protect and Serve

---Written by Above Average Hip Hop---

We wrote about Springfield, Illinois, rapper Legend a little while back — and were both surprised and impressed by his latest joint that hit our inbox. It’s no secret police brutality is a hot button topic and unquestionably an epidemic in the United States of America. Legend, who wanted to take a less straightforward attempt at air his grievances, dropped ” Protect and Serve,” a dope record that is told from the [crooked] officer’s perspective. It’s a unique take that almost reminded us of the record “Sherades,” by BK rapper Papoose.

A cool thing about this track, though, is that he not only stirs up a conversation, but he purposely left an open verse for any other MC feeling his wave to hop on it; it’s a genius idea. It opens him up to being featured with a bevvy of new artists and effortlessly pushes his brand forward.

It all leads up to his upcoming mixtape dropping at the top of October, and that will serve as a proper prelude to his sophomore effort later in the month. Time will tell if his name will live up to his legacy — but he’s definitely on the right path.

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