Message from LEGEND

Enough is enough!  In the wake of the shooting and murder of Alton Sterling, Legend had this to say:

First and foremost we want to express our condolences to all the families of all people affected by the horrific abuse of authority by the police. 
So we've gotten to the point that certain law enforcement officials are comfortable enough to murder an empty handed man while they are on camera??? I mean it's not like this is anything new, but when it gets to the point that they don't even care if the world see’s what they are doing; that is scary... Our government allows this shit to happen... Our black people that are murdering each other over nothing, allows this shit to happen. Why aren't we sticking together? instead we’re helping eradicate the black race. This is a problem with police... They do what they are allowed to do.. This is a problem with our system. This is a problem with the way we look at each other... We need to get our shit together...It's now or never...
Legend wrote a song from the point of view of the crooked ass cop and left it open at the end in hopes of unifying other artists in protest.  “Everyone has their experience and feelings on the topic.  Now people can stand together and voice their opinion on the track”

Contact: if you want the file to express your opinion on the track.